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For many cannabis users, relaxation not only includes their favorite strain, but also a good book. For those readers I recommend “Jamaican Flowers,” the debut novel by Jim Moorman.

“Jamaican Flowers” is the story of Sonny Flowers, a genius who is anything but brave. He would rather blaze a joint and “zone out” onto another plane of consciousness than face the real world and those stronger than him. Soon, his ability to straddle both “planes” is the only thing that can save him as problems mount in the real world, and he’ll have to be braver than he ever thought possible, for his family, the woman he loves and himself.

Jim Moorman Jamaican Flowers Novel Book Review: Jamaican Flowers By Jim MoormanBut Sonny’s mind holds more than even he knows. He must unlock the secrets held within before it’s too late.

Much like movies, just because a novel is about weed doesn’t mean cannabis users will like it. It has to have humor, drama and lessons about life that readers didn’t know they knew until they see them in print. ‘Jamaican Flowers’ has all that and a great ending! SPOILER ALERT: It’s mind-bending!

Good novels are hard to come by nowadays, get your copy of “Jamaican Flowers” and enjoy.

– Joe Klare








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