Great read, man. Makes long rides in the Mystery Machine bearable. -Shaggy Read More I did not like the drugs, violence, and curse words. Didn’t I raise you better? -MaryAnn, Jim’s Mom Read More


JAMAICAN FLOWERS by author Jim Moorman was much different than anything else that I have read lately. At first I thought it was going to be more mellow, more peace and love hippie style book (maybe because of the cover?) … Read More


Much like movies, just because a novel is about weed doesn't mean cannabis users will like it. It has to have humor, drama and lessons about life that readers didn't know they knew until they see them in print. JAMAICAN … Read More


"Jim Moorman is not only a born storyteller, he knows how much the human heart and laughter need each other. JAMAICAN FLOWERS is hilarious and poignant and more fun than a barrel of stoned monkeys. Keep 'em coming, Jim." -Bruce … Read More